We have finally launched our new site!  As a designer, clients always come first and so our updates sometimes fall to the wayside.  Ground up revamps are especially time consuming, but after throwing in extra hours, is back with a new face.


While starting work on the new website, I also started setting goals for what I want to achieve for myself and the Play Grnd company.  You can get an idea of what a graphic designer vision board looks like by the photo in this post.


Something about getting my goals down on paper and really looking at what I want for the company and myself as a designer has proven to be very effective in getting ahead of the new year!  I set goals such as showing our work in gallery exhibits (I have already held one show for our book, Array) and have two more shows coming up this year!  I also wanted to make more time for my family (my partner and our two fur babies) which has really helped me balance work life and personal life.  Being your own boss means you are also the only one who can give yourself a break.


Here's to the rest of the year, I look forward to helping our client achieve their visions moving forward!


- Rachel Bagan

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